Dear Scholar,
We are grateful for your support over the years which have taken American Journal of Social Issues and Humanities from humble beginnings in 2011 to becoming the crown jewel of the scholarly world in record time.

With 54,524 unique website visitors on 128,285 pages (AwStats), 2648 recurrent search queries, 30+ Database Index including Google Scholar, EbscoHost and the top 14 listed on our website, 2.5 Impact Factor (Index Copernicus Impact Factor), 20+ Editors and Reviewers of International Repute, Zero Plagiarism index, 40+ unique articles and Thousands of Authors, Readers and Community support in 2014, AJSIH has emerged to be one of the best Scholarly Publication platform in 2014. We are grateful to our Editors and Members of our Editorial Board for their support and Commitment. Time and Space will fail us to acknowledge specially the efforts of all the scholars in Pushing us beyond our imaginations, but, permit us to acknowledege Prof. Agooramorthy and his team and Prof. Benagiano, who have helped shape our direction for years now, our dynamic copy editor, Dr. Praktisha who has been very consistent and timely, our Web Development partner, Heptapixels, who saved us from one of our biggest threats, our print Partner, Book Masters and our Managing Editor, E. C Ekeke (Ph.D), who has always ensured an effortless collaboration. Their support was of great encouragement to us. To rest of us, whose name and organisation has not been put in Print, you are our hero. Thank you.

It has not been all rosy. Beneath all these successes has been a great challenge. Non-Compliance and lack of support by some authors, editors and reviewers and print production has been our Achilles heel.

However, as we prepare for our biggest challenge yet, we’ve put in place some changes that will help solidify our place and make publication of quality, plagiarism free scholarly papers easier and more fun than ever. The changes which are effective from January 1, 2015 are as follows,

  1. American Journal of Social Issues and Humanities will now be published quarterly with issues in March, June, September and December.
  2. The publication fee will now be One Hundred Dollars ($100).
  3. The journal will now cease to issue hard copies with every publication. Hard copies can now be procured on special request and costs Two Hundred Dollars ($200) including the cost of publication.
  4. Email address for submission of  scientific papers for publication has been changed and is now, while general inquiries and information remains

In addition, due to several requests and inquiries with regards to Editorial Board membership, some present members of the board will be leaving us to take on other challenges while leaving the opportunity for other scholars who will love to contribute to scholarship by serving on the board. Any scholar, who is genuinely interested in serving on our Editorial Board and is ready to participate actively in the editorial process of our Journal, can send his or her CV to You can also request additional info by sending a mail to the same email address.

In conclusion, we are grateful to all our editors, especially the ones that will be leaving us and wish them well in their new endeavors. New Year arrives with hopes and it gives us new courage and belief for a very new start. Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it. So never step back and always have courage to accept new challenges. We wish you a very happy new year 2015 in advance.

Best Regards,
The AJSIH Team

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CORRECTION OF: “The 1992 Ugep-Idomi Boundary Conflict in Cross River State, Nigeria- A Discourse” Written by Okoi O. Ibiang and Published in Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2012.

The author inadvertently failed to properly cite the materials used in the preparation of the paper before sending for publication. These authors have now been properly acknowledged in-text and in the reference section. The authors now included are: 1. Cross River State Government (1992); 2. Ogar, Samson S. (2011); 3. Ogen, Olukoya (2005) and 4. Ukpenetu...
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